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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So there I was... 4:15 am and knitting furiously!

I finished the wine cozy.... but at the expense of my sleep. I got up at 4am on Tuesday (my eyes just kind of flew open because I was dreaming about knitting) and grabbed the needles. As my alarm went off at 6:30 telling me it was time to get up and start getting ready for work, I was seaming. At 7:00 am (when I should normally be getting out of the shower) the cozy was done! I flew into the shower and pretty much left a stream of soapy water all the way to work since I was brushing my hair and my teeth at the same time. The poor cats... they were tip-toeing around all the wet spots in the bathroom. ;)

I managed to get to work about 5 minutes late but... the cozy was done. Mostly. I still had to do the twisted cord, pull cord. Let me tell you, the design of this cord is genius! And so easy too. I hooked the yarn to a door handle here in the office and made the cord in about 10 minutes total. I got a lot of strange looks though in the process...

And here is the cozy:

I really liked this pattern. Very easy to do. The only gripe I have is the seaming. But it's not the designer's technique. It's mine. I suck something fierce at seaming! Can you see that on the back side there? Tragic. But then, the gal I was giving it to thought it was wonderful so that's all that really matters. Even though I can see all the mistakes pointing and laughing at me.... laughing like I'd come to work without any pants on or something. (Okay maybe that was a bit much... but you know what I mean!)

Well, back to work I go. I'll finally get back to that sweater I started... and maybe those socks. And maybe that scarf. Hey, I've got a hat I was working on too...

Damn. It might be time for a UFO hunt to see where I'm at. *ponders*