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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Traffic court does great things for your knitting. :)

I had to go to traffic court today. When I was in that fender bender back in December, I found out that I was driving with a revoked license! :O See the reason this was is because of a speeding ticket I got in June of 2005. Well what happened was... I owed the county a fine and well, didn't know I did, thus my license was revoked in January of 2006.



Now I begin to wonder, how exactly it was that I was able to register not one but both cars in 2006 (online even) without one mention of the fact that hey, you ain't got no license chica? *shrugs* So $280 later ($120 fine plus $50 late fee plus $110 to the DMV for the replacement license) and I'm legal again. No matter what though, I still had to go to court today.

So when I got in the building, I saw a lot and I mean a lot, of people in line. I got in line and started working on my socks. As time went on, a woman came in and announced that there were 1,400 people on the docket this morning and we probably wouldn't get out of there until at least 11:30. (Did I mention I was supposed to be there are 9am?) So I settled in and knit.

About 45 minutes into my wait, one of the Assistant DA's stopped by to see if she could get some folks out of the line by offering plea bargains. Me, I got my case dismissed. :) I won't getmy $280 back but at least I didn't have to deal with any other fines and be in that line for any longer either.

So the fruit of that wait is here:

I highly recommend court for knitting time. It was very productive. *laugh*

With regards to her Highness, Princess Piddles, Fang is doing well with her anti-biotics. Although she's not too happy about the syringe down the throat twice a day but she's getting used to it I think. She's not had any other accidents and is actually drinking lots of water on her own now. That makes me feel a lot better! Thanks for all the advice you folks gave me on the knittyboard and here. She's one of my babies. I couldn't stand not knowing what to do for her and not realizing she was sick. I think that was the worst part. She's forgiven me though for not realizing it. She fianlly snuggled with me last night while I was on the computer. :)

In response to comments:

Molly said: I hope piddles is feeling better. She surely does know how to get her message across!

That's true. Nothing says "I gotta go to the vet" like soaking a few blankets! :)

Molly also said: Your view from your office is lovely. Do you work at a university?

Yes I do. I work for UNC Chapel Hill.

Stephanie said: Please MAKE the vet do an ultrasound to take a peek at the bladder if not already done. trank the cat if necessary to get a good picture. Our cat suffered needlessly for a year b/c the first vet to look at her wouldn't trank her to do a proper ultraound. Turns out she had these nasty *spiny* stones that had to be removed.

Oh your poor kitty! Thanks for that head's up! I have already scheduled the follow-up appointment. I'll talk to Dr. Beagle about getting an ultrasound done on Fang.

LaBean said: How DO you bind off socks? Do you use the EZ sewn bind off? If not, check it out, it might be what you need.

I do use a version on the EZ sewn bind off but I just wasn't sure it would look right. But then, looking at the top of the sweater where I cast on the front 52 stitches... screw it. I'll do what I'm used to. It'll look the same. :)