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Monday, January 29, 2007

Sweater progress and how do you drive these things?!

Tubey is coming along pretty well. I've decided that instead of trying to get a skein of black yarn to make the center stripe, I just extended the two color stripes that were on either side of where the black stripe was supposed to go. Normally there would be a black stripe in between the dark blue and light blue stripes. I think it looks fine. Now I'm nearly half way done. :)

Here's a close up of some of the stitches so you can see the colors a bit better:


Oh I can't wait to finish this! I'm a bit worried though about the bind off. See... I need it to be really stretchy and I knit kind of tight. If I go to larger needles, I wonder if that will give me enough stretch. Of course, I could bind it off like I do socks. That makes them pretty stretchy but it doesn't look that great. I'm just not really sure of what to do. I'll need to figure it out soon because at this rate, I'll probably finish it soon.

I dropped off the Jeep to get the repairs done and got my rental car. They gave me this:

Holy crap! Who can drive these things? Certainly not me. I hit the brake pedal three times when I instinctively went for the clutch. It steers like a bus and doesn't exactly turn on a dime. :P Funny enough, it was the smallest vehicle they had. I can't imagine them giving me like a Durango or something along those sizes! :O I'm just so happy I got it into the lines on the first try. *laugh* As you can see, I parked all the way at the top of the deck so I wouldn't have to worry about being near anyone else's car.

In response to comments:

LaBean said: Tubey's comin along nice!! Finish this!!

Yes Ma'am! ;)

I could have sworn you finished I DO.. My mind's eye tells me there's an FO pic with YOU in it...

Nope. I have a pic of me with half of it on. *laugh* But I will finish it soon. I pinky swear!

But I know what you mean about projects that go by the wayside.. I have a few of my own I'd rather not talk about

Oh yeah. We ain't talkin' bout those Cut Your Teeth socks. Nu-uh. I won't talk about them. :P I just keep them in a box.... in the closet. *hangs head in shame*

Ragan said: Hey...my list looks like that too. heh heh. I think that I have more things that I want to make than I can make. And...you have to come down and visit...I actually have a yarn stash now.

O_O You do?! Oh yeah, I'll have to come on down now. Tee hee!