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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fang's First Snow

It happened last night... a rarity for North Carolina. It snowed. Fang woke me up this morning... her tail whipping back and forth excitedly, pawing at my arm and meowing at me to wake up. I thought it was because she wanted some crunchies (cat treats) but it was because she wanted me to see the snow. (Sorry about the blurry photos.)

As I stood there looking at her eagerly pawing at the glass of the door and meowing at the flakes (purring the whole time) I realized that even though she is two and a half years old, this is the first time she's seen snow. The last time it snowed, she was still in the shelter, in a cage. Then last year, it didn't snow at all. I went over and scratched her ears while she gazed at the snow.

It was so cute to see her sitting there. It reminded me of being little, living in Upstate New York and doing the same thing... my nose pressed against the cold glass, watching the snow fall.

I'll bet you anything, she's still looking out that window when I get home tonight.