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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've got more UFO's than Roswell, New Mexico!

Well I decided to get out all the UFO's I have and see where I stand. It's pretty sad ya'll.

I have:

I Do.
A tank top from Creative Knitting.
Cut Your Teeth Socks. (I can't believe I have a pair of socks I haven't finished!)
A baby blanket from 7 Day Afghans (been almost a year!)
A scarf for Eric that should have been done two Yules ago. (*hangs head in shame*)

I'd take pictures... but the shame is too great. Shame, shame, shame. :P

So this begs the question... why can't I focus? I know that we knitters love to just dive into new yarns and new patterns. But why can't we stick with a project that when we started it, we were just nuts for? Where did the love go? Was it that last slipped stitch that was the final straw? Was it that last k2tbl that put you over the top? I tried to pick all of them up last night.. but I just couldn't do it. They were mocking me. I could hear it. I Do said: "Oh yeah... you were gonna add beads to me. Yup. So pretty. All the beads are done... why can't you finish and then block me huh?" The baby blanket said "You know that baby you were knitting this for? Yeah well she's gonna be two years old soon you know." The Cut Your Teeth Socks had nothing to say to me and the scarf for Eric just laughed and laughed.

I will make this vow. You know...the same one I have made before... but a bit different this time. ;) I vow to complete one UFO a month. Starting next month. (yeah, that's the ticket.)

In response to comments:

Anonymous said (with regards to the unknown bird in this post):
Its a coopers hawk

Thanks! I'll look up stuff on them now. :)