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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Holy knitting content Batman!

Yes... I can't believe it either. I actually have a pic of knitting to post. :) And here it is:


Whoo hoo. Hat. :) I took that pic the other day. I'm at the PD now and I've actually gotten a lot more done. I think I may finish this hat by tomorrow. We'll see!

So speaking of being at the PD, as Shannon (one of the techs here) says "If you're not making a mess you're not having fun!" Here's the mess we made not too long ago:


Even with the fume hood on you would not believe how much fingerprint powder I still had on me. :) Good times!

Speaking of good times, I think Trouble really, really likes tiny boxes. I can't even think this box is comfortable but hey, I'm not the one in it... she is:


What? I'm getting comfy...