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Sunday, October 07, 2007

*sniff* Sock disaster

Okay, I had a long hard pout over this. I finished my one Entrelac sock... and it won't slide easily over my heel. Once it's on and with some fighting it gets on, it fits fine.

I think I'm going to cry.

So once I was done pouting, I started the cast on again with a new one. I've decided I'm not going to frog the other one yet. I need it as a reminder of my stupidity. Where did I go wrong? Well see, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to change the number of stitches I cast on and to do a different toe-up cast on than the one recommended in the pattern.



I guess I kind of deserved that. So, for all those of you interested in these socks that like me, have a thing for altering patterns.... don't. You'll cry. On the good side, I learned the Middle East cast on! :) At first I thought the designer was on crack but now I see, it's a great cast on! A bit clumsy to work with at first but it looks great.

The Tilted Duster is coming along nicely too. And no, I didn't alter that pattern at all. I'm done with the first of 11 repeats of 8 rows for the skirt. Oh it's a lot of K2, P2 with the occasional M1 thrown in here and there and I don't do any of that very fast so it's slowed down a bit but it's looking fabulous!

On the college front, I just aced my second test in my Computers class. *struts* I'm feeling so good about these classes and not just because of the grades. I'm just feeling so much better about all sorts of things when I'm there and/or on my way there. I can't explain it. It's like I said though to one of my professors "Of course I'm glad to see you! Every day that I see you is one more day closer to my degree." He smiled. I did too because I realized it is true. Midterms start this week and I can't believe it's already upon us. Next month I'll be registering for my Spring Semester classes and that's where the fun will begin! I'm going to try to get into Intro to Forensics, Cell Biology, General Botany and/or Intro to Criminalistics. Oh I can't wait!