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Friday, January 18, 2008

More cryptic fortune cookies

As the years go on, I feel like I've begun to understand the world better. But lately fortune cookies have been confusing the hell out of me.

Once again, Eric and I were feeling lazy and so we ordered some take out. This is the fortune he got:


Another one of those "Here we go" fortunes. What the hell? Whole wheat green tea?! Does he need more fiber in his diet? Less fat? *scratches head*

But that one doesn't beat mine:




Alrighty then.


Add the "in bed" and it looks like I got the "you need more masturbation" fortune! What. The. HELL?!

I've never had food mention masturbation before. I mean I may have had a near chocolate orgasm cuz Ghiradelli chocolate is frigging fantastic! But never anything like this.

I didn't realize Mandarin chicken was so amazing.

In cross stitch land, I finished a quick one the other day before my classes started again. Here it is:


I mean really... who doesn't like the club? :P

I've not gotten any knitting done this week. My first week back to classes and I already had a paper due by this morning (which I finished yesterday) and a lab due by Tuesday. Four classes... and I love them all!