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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Now I've gone and done it!

I -finally- went down to the new gym in the area and signed up for a membership. I've been in there a few times before since they gave me a free 14 day pass. A really nice place, I know I'll be able to go and -finally- get my ass in shape! I'm so out of shape... it's not even funny. *snicker*

Eric gets home tomorrow. I'm really excited. I've been missing him pretty fierce this past week. Of course, this means that I've been pretty focused on my knitting. I started a scarf for the troops. See...:

It's too bad that the flash brightened it a bit. You can't see the detail that way since it negated most of the shadows. I tried to take a pic without the flash but you can't see anything that way. Oh well, when it's done, I'll take a pic of it under sunlight and maybe you'll be able to see the real color.

Well... back to the needles.