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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Weekend update... all that there is anyway.

This weekend had it's ups, it's downs and it's ups again.


Early morning, I took the cat to the vet for her yearly check up and shots. She's still not talking to me today but she did come up for some snuggles while I was napping on the futon.

Then the ice started coming down. The roads got a bit bad but nothing I couldn't handle.

In the afternoon, I went to the Stitch N' Bitch in Carboro at Tyler's. It's a nice place. I'll definitely have to go back. I got to see Azuredrake from the Knitty Board again. *Big wave!* (I love how your Skully bag is turning out by the way! And yes I did wave at the screen like you were wondering on your page.) *giggle* :) There were some other gals there too doing some amazing stuff! This one gal named Hannah was making a sweater with a sideways knit... just gorgeous! I wish I had brought my camera. I think that the next few times I go, I really need to bring my camera. :)

After the Stitch N' Bitch, I stopped by Yarns Etc and picked up some yarn for the hats and scarves I'm going to make for the troops. Finally! :P

Later on that night, friends of ours, Justin and Nik, came over. We watched some movies. Had a few drinks. It was nice to see them both. I haven't seen either of them since before the holidays... I was glad to see that they were both doing so well.

And then in the wee hours of the morning, my medication took a turn for the worse...


Early, early AM, I start to have a really adverse reaction to the antibiotics I'm on. Massive (and I mean massive!) mood swings. I started to cry and scream for about an hour. I couldn't stop shaking all over... I was having a panic attack. For no reason what so ever. I couldn't stop and I was so scared... I finally fell asleep at 4AM. When I woke up later on this morning, I Googled the drug name and looked at the side effects. Yup... malaise, panic attacks, digestive troubles and lots of other wonderful crap. Great. No wonder I've had an upset stomach for the past week and a half. So I called the ENT clinic and spoke to the on-call physician. He confirmed for me, I was having some bad side effects and advised me to stop taking it. I have no problem with that! Sadly though, he said there was nothing he could give me to counter the effects... they just had to work themselves out of my system. Poo.

Then Eric called. Oh perfect timing. He's missing me so much... he was talking about just quitting and coming home even though he's done with his training in five days. We were on the phone for a good two hours. Crying almost the whole time (I was still coming down off the side effects of this medication). I wish I could be there with him... But after those two hours, we were both feeling better. I let him go as he had some studying to do. He's only got five days left to go but PSA Airlines is very strict in their training (which is a good thing). He's got two written tests, one safety drill test and then a final exam all in those five days! I hope he feels better enough to study so he does well on his tests... He told me he was a bit worried about the safety drill exam but that is on Wednesday so he should have plenty of time to get that down pat. He's done very well on all this other tests. It would be a shame to do bad on that one test and have to go home.

Then his father called. I love his father. Such a kind and giving man. He and his wife. They are both really good people. It was nice to hear from him. I know I should have called him to let him know how Eric was doing but I'll be honest... it just never really crossed my mind. *shrug*

Then Eric called back a few hours later. He still sounded sad but not nearly as much as he did earlier. :) We chatted and then I let him go for the evening since he's really got to study.

So after the emotional rollercoaster that was this weekend, I was finally able to pick up my needles and fix that sock! Here it is:

I got the idea for how to fix it from Entrelac and bensmumma from the Knitty Board. Thanks so much! While it's not perfect, it definitely looks better! I have started on the second sock too. I've only done two of the squares for the cuff... but I'm working on it. I'm going to try and do at least two more this evening just so I can start joining them tomorrow.