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Sunday, February 06, 2005

I just got told I am inhumane. Reeeeeally?

Yup. I did. This all started because Eric told me I could have another cat. *blink* He had restrictions:

1. Must be a female. Fine!
2. Must be another tortie. Fine!
3. Must be declawed. Fine!
4. Must be a kitten or a real young kitty. Fine!

The rule had stood for so long... I wasted no time in looking online for a new kitten. What rule you ask? I was regulated to one mammal of twenty pounds or less. *laugh* If not for that rule... the house would be overrun with small, furry mammals. :) I found three at a shelter in Durham that I was interested in. I filled out the questionnaire and submitted it. I got this back as a reply:

Lisa - We received your application; you have indicated that your current cat is declawed, and that you plan to declaw the cat you would adopt from us. Until I began volunteering for Independent Animal Rescue, I did not know exactly what cat declawing entailed. I would have thought it was only removing the nail,but it is actually removal of part of the digit, comparable in humans to removing from the last knuckle up. It can be considered inhumane, and many vets will no longer perform the procedure. Independent Animal Rescue works to educate in this area, and when we find homes for the cats we have rescued, we ask that there be no intention to declaw the animal. Unfortunately, we will not be able to pursue adoption in this case, and urge you to contact local shelters for cats that have already been declawed, if that is what you prefer. If I can answer any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank-you!

*blink* ... *double blink* I got declined?! *blink* WTF? I had to read this email about four times before I realized what she was saying. I ended up replying to the email, explaining just how shocked I was. I even offered the possibility of getting the tendon snip procedure or even the laser surgery option. Neither would remove the last digit. I gave two references for the veterinarians I have taken Trouble to since I adopted her. I also commented in the email that I would have preferred to give a cat a good home but if they prefer to leave the animal in the shelter in a cage for the rest of its life, so be it. -That- seems inhumane to me... *shrug* I guess I'll have to wait and see if they reply. As will Trouble. This is her waiting for a little sister:

Isn't she a cutie? Look at that face. Is that not the face of a happy kitty wanting to get on mommy's lap while she's typing? Now how could anyone think I am inhumane? Did I mention that I went to college to be a veterinarian? No? Well the reason I'm not one is because I ran out of money my second year. I don't know... maybe I'll check a few other shelters and see what they have to say about the whole situation. I'll call my vet in the morning too and talk to her about how she feels about declawing. *shakes head*

On to other things. Eric is in Philadelphia tonight. He's on his IOE (Initial Operating Experience). It begins tomorrow with five flights. He'll be watching the flight attendant, taking notes and assisting him/her. Then on Tuesday, he's got three flights. On these three he will be the only flight attendant on duty. The person testing him will not be able to assist him. They will just observe and grade him. Then on Tuesday afternoon, he'll come home for two days. He was so nervous last night, he didn't sleep very well. We had a good nap in the middle of the day and then I put him on the plane to Philly. He called about an hour ago. He's feeling good about the whole thing but is still a bit nervous. I'm sure he'll do well. He said he's going to have a three hour layover between flights in D.C. Ugh. He'd give me call then to let me know how the day is going.

And now, on to the knitting! I finished the first of four scarves for the troops. See...:

Here's a close up of the pattern:

This pattern sucked up three of four balls of yarn to make. I think for the other ones, I'll use a different pattern. Maybe one of the actual Zib's
Sniper Cozies website. There are some good, quick patterns there too.

I've gotten a little further on my other sock too. Those dominos are kicking my ass! I knew I should have made the other cuff when I finished the first one. *laugh* Lesson learned there!

Okies, so I have changed my mind no less than four times as to what the heck I am going to do for my Sockapalooza pal but I have finally made up my mind! I'm casting on tomorrow. I pinky swear!