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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Seal of Approval!

I got a call this morning from Amanda from Have a Heart Animal Rescue of Raleigh. She's the gal I spoke to about the tortie named Velvet. Well, I've been approved to adopt! Yay! And they know I am declawing her and they have no problem with that. So tomorrow, I'll be going down to Raleigh to actually see her and see if we get a long. If we do... I just might have a new kitty tomorrow. Of course, this also means I will most likely have another pissed off kitty at the house. :)

So that was good news! Then I went off to the Stitch N Bitch in Carboro. Azuredrake was there! See...

She's wearing her lovely Clapotis too. :) And you can see her great Skully bag to my left! Nifty huh? I think she did a great job with it. I'm not a bag person but I'm just loving all the Skully bags everyone is making. I think I'm going to make a small one for clubbing and a big one for another yarn bag.

She also brought her friend Broadwynn. (I hope I spelled that right!) Here they are. This is the composed pic.

And here's the other one. ;)

Broadwynn was really nice. She is going to do the smaller Skully bag with a nice green lopi for the skull. I think it will look great! Sorry I kind of bogarted the conversation ladies! (I can chaaaaaat some times!) :P

In other knitting news, I made some more progress on my Sockapalooza socks. I'm on the fourth stripe and I've decided, I will turn the heel. Yup. Gonna do it. So once I'm done with the green, I'll be turning the heel. Here it is so far...

And here's a close up of the pattern I'm doing in the color change...

Now I'll be honest, being the newbie I am to knitting... I'm not sure if this is considered Intarsia or Fair Isle. I just happened to find the chart in a book. Oh yeah, I'm doing part of this off a chart. :) So with these socks, I am learning to read a chart, do a toe up sock and change colors. Why is it that I always seem to learn three techniques at once when I take on a new project? *shrug* By the way, no you are not seeing things. If you have looked at previous pics of my sock progress so far, you'll see that I was using metal double pointed needles. I bought some wood ones today from Needle Works because I'm going to be flying to Dayton this next Friday and I wanted to be sure that I could bring my knitting on board the plane. I reviewed the TSA guidelines and I should be good. Plus, I have never used wooden double pointed needles. I can tell you, I haven't noticed a difference between the wood and metal for how well the yarn slides. *shrug*

Oh and in reply to some comments:

Koh said: Wow...im usualy not really a cat person (unless they are super friendly and loving to everyone, the hiders make me a little paranoid) but your kitty is soooooooo cute!!!!

Thankies. She's my baby. (Said like 'bay-beh') :)