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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Welcome to the family!

*clears throat* Ladies and Gentlemen. Announcing the newest addition to our family... *drum roll* Velvet!

It's hard to see, but she's got a good amount of orange fur. She has one predominantly orange paw. It's hard to see against the carpet, but you can see it. It's her left paw. So cute! Here is the welcoming committee:

Here was the introduction:

Funny... I didn't actually get the shot where Trouble's tail was bigger. ...Cuz it was... A LOT bigger. *laugh*

So there you have it. I finally have another kitty. She's six months old. And her story is a sad one. Her mother first came to Wake County Animal Shelter about six or seven months ago. Heavy with kittens, she would have been put down immediately if not for Amanda from Have a Heart. Amanda took her and placed her in a foster home. There she had 6 kittens (including Velvet). There Velvet lived until about two months ago when she was put into the Oberlin Animal Hospital because the woman that was fostering her just had too many kitties to take care of. Velvet has been sitting in a cage for two months and when I saw her... I just had to have her! She likes to snuggle. She's a purr fiend! And while she didn't say much at all when I first showed up, she talked to me a bit in the car and a bit when I got her home. Right now though, neither Trouble nor Velvet is saying a damn thing. Well... unless all the hissing from Trouble could be considered conversation... *smirk*

Besides that, I had a good day. I went into Raleigh and had lunch with Nik and Justin. Here's Justin at work, working it as usual:

And pimping some cheese...:

No knitting today. I'm in mediation mode as well as trying to keep Velvet from ripping her collar off. Apparently, she's never had one so it was a bit of a fight to get it on her... :)