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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Full knitty weekend!

Oh it's been a busy, knitting-filled weekend. :) On Saturday at 10am, Azuredrake and I were supposed to meet up with a few people from the Knittyboard at Needleworks in Burlington but alas, no one else showed up. *shrug* It's okay though... we still had a blast of a Saturday!

Here's Azuredrake in Needleworks giving her best 'pouty look' as I'm screaming "Vogue baby! Vogue!" at her *snicker*:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I love her Skully bag!

And then there's me:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'll be honest... I have no idea why I chose that pose. *laugh* Needleworks is great! The gal standing in the background was teaching a sock knitting class. You can see, their store isn't the biggest place in the world but they do have a great selection of yarn and needles at killer prices!

Since no one was there, we decided to go thrift store shopping. Our goal was to find sweaters to frog and then dye. We went all over Burlington and Hillsborough! On the list that she had made, there were only two stores that we couldn't find. They just pretty much didn't exist anymore. *shrug*

Our first stop was at a place that all the proceeds go to families that are victims of abuse. I found this sweater:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

69% wool, 19% angora (rabbit hair) and 12% nylon. It's so soft too! And I got it for $1!!! I wasn't going to get it at first but it's just so soft and just kept telling me to take it home. By the time I got to the counter, we had both agreed that I would have to make a hat and some mittens or a muffler out of it. :)

We went on, looking for other stores. We found two junk shops but there was one store in Burlington that was having a bag sale. I thought it was a purse sale but no, it was a brown bag sale. They give you a brown shopping bag and then you fill it. One full bag was $2! She found all sorts of good stuff for her niece and one good sweater to frog and dye. Me, I didn't find anything. :( Oh well... I will remember that place though! :)

After that, we found two more stores that had promise but just nothing to buy right then. One store had such horrible music! It made me shiver. O_o We didn't stay in there long.

We headed on down to Hillsborough to a consignment shop that we had heard of but had never visited. I think it was called My Secret Closet (behind the Bojangles on Churton Street). Oh wow the prices were great! I got a great shirt for $10. But she got the find of the day! An aqua sweater vest. 100% Cashmere. Only $10. A steal! She's going to make the Honeymoon Cami with it think. I have no doubt it will be gorgeous! I'll be keeping my eyes on her blog to see what she makes out of it.

Then we went to
Tyler's for the Stitch N Bitch. We were the only ones there but we had a great time. We ordered some food (their garlic fries were awesome!). She laughed while I swore as I tried to pick up stitches on this toe-up sock. :P Then we were rolling around howling with laughter as we traded embarrassing stories back and forth. *laugh* On more than one occasion, the waiter was looking at us with one raised eyebrow.

At 4pm, we went home. Talk about a great day!

Today, I started on frogging that sweater. Here's how far I've gotten:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

One sleeve, and the collar and I've already got a good sized ball of yarn. But who knew it would take so long. Sheesh! *laugh* I was going to do some more work on that sock but I can't help but swear at that toe right now... buggery provisional crochet cast on won't come off easy... *grumblegrumble* Yeah I know, knitting is supposed to be relaxing but I sometimes swear at my knitting like golfers swear at their clubs while they are out on the links. *laugh*

Yeah I know I should have taken pictures of all the sweaters she got but... well, I just didn't think about it. So *hint, hint* take some pics of our haul this weekend, Azuredrake! :P Tee hee.

Eric comes home tomorrow. Wow I can't wait to see him! I talked with him a few minutes ago. He was actually in Charlotte today after his last flight. He did try to get on a flight to Raleigh but they were all full so rather than get stuck overnight in the airport, he just went back to Dayton on his confirmed flight. It's all good. He was scheduled to come home tomorrow anyway... but it would have been nice to have him home this evening... *happy sigh*

Well before I run out for the evening I'll reply to some comments:

From my Secret Sock Pal! *Waves* Dear Sock Pal,I finished your first sock and I have a few questions. Are your feet shaped like flippers? Do you have ankles like toothpicks? Unless you answered "yes" to both questions, things are not looking good for this first sock attempt. Fear not, last night I cast on for an entirely new and different pair of socks for you which hopefully will turn out a bit better. We shall see. In the meantime, if you do have bizarre duck-like feet, just let me know and I'll refrain from frogging the first sock!

I actually bust out laughing when I read your comment. No I do not have bizarre duck feet. Just long, skinny, gunboats according to my ex-brother in-law. *laugh* I was thinking the same sort of thing while knitting socks for my Secret Sock Pal... I'm hoping she's got perfectly square toes... :P