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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes we did. Yes we still are.

I've been watching the inaugural ceremonies/parade since 10am this morning. I'm sitting here in the CCE building on campus and streaming CNN. I -should- be reading my homework for Criminal Procedures class but I can't seem to pull my eyes off the new First Family.

Yes I'm swept up in all the joy. All the celebration. I'm an American. I carry a copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with me wherever I go. (It's in my backpack. For a long time it was with my knitting...) Many people have said that they are proud to be Americans today. I've always been proud. I've not always agreed with my government and it's decisions and when I disagreed, I let them know. Tis my duty as an American.

It's a freedom others are still dying for. It's one that so many have died for before us. I pass historic monuments everyday on my way to work which mark different Revolutionary and Civil War battles. Their sacrifice, their spirit empowers me everyday. It's so wonderful to see so many empowered right now.


Now I better get empowered to do some homework... ;)