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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I almost, kinda, sorta made it. Almost.

Okies, well realizing that Yule/Xmas was coming soon, Eric was gracious in helping me come to the realization that while I may be a knitting freak, I was most certainly freakish for thinking I could finish everything I had on my knitting list. :P

So, the list was updated as follows:

Eric (my husband): Scarf (his request.. and still working on it for Valentines now. In the interim, I got him a few other things.) ;)
My MIL, Denise: Socks - Done!
Her DH, Don: Decided on a DVD - Done!
My FIL, Dennis: Hat with a Harley Davidson logo (Yes. I am insane and no I haven't even started it yet!) *sigh!*
His DW, Cathy: Once again, a DVD (she had a wool allergy. What am I supposed to do?!) - Done!
My BIL, Joel: A Scarf was the original idea. Instead he requested some scented candles so we went to Yankee candle and thus, Xmas was saved!
My BIL, Patrick: A Hat was the original idea but Eric decided on a very hard to find CD that he thought Patrick would love, instead. - Done!
Alesia: Socks... still working on them.
Heather: Socks - Done! (See below)
Ragan: Giving her yarn! :) And a Pasha (will have to give her that Pasha for Valentines Day or something.) :P But I still gave her some yarn. :)
Mike and April: Afghan ... still working on it.
Maura: Socks - Done! (see below)

Okies, so that brought me to 8 items to make and I totally choked and only got three done. :P I finished these though before Yule. :)

Socks for Maura...

Socks for Heather...

I haven't seen either of them yet though so I'll be hoping they are both in town so I can give them to them tomorrow. :)

Monday, December 12, 2005

Romantic weekend

*happy sigh*

Yes folks, I'm a sucker for easy love. ;)

Eric was home this past Saturday. All Saturday. I think that's the first one that he's been home in over a month. Normally becaue of his seniority level right now, he's home on weekdays.

But anyhoo, he decided that we would have a nice day together. It started with us sleeping in together. Wow I miss that some days. Then he made chicken fajitas for lunch. They were so good! We went out and did some shopping and saw
Syriana. It was okay. Nothing fabulous like Crash or Traffic but it was still okay.

After the movie, we went home for some snuggling on the futon and then he made chicken alfredo and pasta. Gawds I love this man! I forgot how well he can cook! Not to say I can't cook but man... he's a wiz in the kitchen. And then the rest of the night was most certainly XXX rated *insert naughty, naughty eyebrow wiggle here* and no you won't get any details here.

Needless to say, I got no knitting done. Nada. Not one inch. So I'm a little behind now. :P

When he left for work on Sunday morning, I flopped back into the bed for about an hour or two and then got up to do some housework. I didn't get very far because I kept doing that dreamy, happy sigh, thing and realized that I had just washed the same spot on the counter for the past fifteen minutes. Yup, I'm still love struck by this man. Funny huh? After 13 years... actually it's not too funny or odd at all. It just makes me seem seriously girly at times.

Anyhoo, I picked up the needles and got to work on some of those socks! I have three pair to knit by the middle of next week but I'm not afraid. I've almost finished one (sock, not the pair) and the other ones I'm flying through. Sorry though, no pics today. I left the camera at home or I would take a pic of me in my office, hard at work... knitting. ;)

In response to comments:

Mary Pat said: Is there no off button on the radio where the vile music is coming from? You can try earplugs? Put a CD in the computer and play your music louder?? Or sing alound, maybe someone will get a clue and turn it off?!

Like I responded in my own comments section, I wish I could. It's the campus radio that the Dean's Assistant has and well... no, I can't turn it off and as for singing at the top of my lungs... now that I didn't think of. *evil grin*

Shannon said: i'm with you on the xmas music, our oldies station started BEFORE thanksgiving.

Eep. I say... Eep.

Ragan said: Yeah...our oldies station started doing that too...they even played Elvis ones...OH MY...along with all of the songs from Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer. How come they don't play the ones from the Charlie Brown Christmas though???? Heh heh.

That's a good frigging question! But then they have been playing the Alvin and the Chipmunks song. You know... the one with the hoola hoop. Now -that- one I will sing at the top of my lungs! *even eviler (is that a word?) grin*

Ragan also said: hope you enjoyed that little bit of Frosty torture this afternoon...
heh heh

Damn you woman! *shakes fist* Do you have any idea how long that song was stuck in my head after that?! :P
For those of you that have no idea what the heck I am talking about, my lovely cousin called me whilst Frosty the Snowman was playing on her car radio. Yes. She loves me. No, I am not knitting her something in the most horrid puke green colorway I can find... but it did cross my mind. Tee hee!

Koh said: i feel your pain...i had to listen to christmas music in the photo lab for hours on friday (i worked in there all day) luckily i had headphones.

Eep. And I wish I could wear headphones but I have to answer the phone.

Helen said: ah. luckily, the christmas music at work (grocery store) didn't begin until this sunday (the 4th). yes. i believe that was late. ahhhh!!

Yikes! See... that's sad when the 4th is 'late'! ;)

Stephanie said: The least they could do is play the fun songs once in a while. "Walkin' 'round in Womens' Underwear" is one of my faves.

Gawds I love that song! I haven't heard it in about two years though. Buggers. They should play that a bit more too.

Stephanie also said: Silver Bells is the song that makes me physically ill.

Which version? There's one that I can handle. Then there's one that makes me run from the room screaming. ;)

Ginne said: I don't blame you... but every time I put my headphones on, somebody comes to my desk needing something...

I wish I was interrupted that often! :P

So of course some of you may call me a Scrooge especially being the heathen that I am and all. ;) But I really do like some Xmas songs. (SOME!) It's just that they seem to inundate you with them so quickly that by the time it is near the end of the month, you have the urge to choke the snot out of carolers Wait a minute. *ponderponder* I wonder if this is some plot to make sure that caroling is wiped out...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Make it STOP!






on the radio....

behind me....

for an hour now...

And it's just loud enough that I can barely make it out so of course, I'm paying attention to it more. I can't take it any more. And that's sad considering that it's December 8th. Normally I can stick it out to at least the 15th of the month before going stark, raving mad.

But I'll tell ya... if I hear "Hear Comes Santa Claus" one. More. Frigging. TIME!!!!


Well let's just say someone might get hurt.

"Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus lane...."


And please, please don't ask me "Do you hear what I hear?" Cuz I ain't answering. :P


Only a few more hours to go at work and I can get out of here and go home and stare at my kitties. I wonder what they are doing right now? Probably something like this:

And for the record, yes, I'm jealous. :P

Oh Gawd! "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Xmas" right now and there's no one here to choke. *sob*


*runs and hides from cruel radio.*

Why oh why am I not knitting something with fat needles? At least then, I could put them in my ears and block out the sound for a while! *snicker*

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Rocking socks

Oh yeah. I roXXors. (Me. Modest? Nope.) I figured I'd knit up a set of socks for my mother in law and lookie how nice they came out! I'm actually really, really happy with them. I

So that brings my list to:

Eric (my husband): Scarf (his request)
My MIL, Denise: Socks - Done! (see above)
My FIL, Dennis: Hat with a Harley Davidson logo (Yes. I am insane.)
My BIL, Joel: Scarf
My BIL, Patrick: Hat
Alesia: Socks
Heather: Socks
Ragan: Wouldn't you like to know Ragan! LOL! Muwhahahahaha! Okay it's a Pasha. :P
Mike and April: Afghan
Maura: Socks

So what does that mean? I need to learn how to knit in my sleep.

In response to comments:

Donna said: Cool looking entrelac pattern from your Knitty pal. Can you share the source of that?

My SP sent it to me from a place called Tradewind Knitwear Designs. It's called the Entrelac Scarf by Luey Neathy and you can visit their website at www.tradewindknits.com.

She also said: I'd love to do an entrelac scarf and have two lonely balls of Silk Garden.

Oh I bet that would be nice! :)

Okies, time for some caffeine and knitting.