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Friday, January 18, 2008

More cryptic fortune cookies

As the years go on, I feel like I've begun to understand the world better. But lately fortune cookies have been confusing the hell out of me.

Once again, Eric and I were feeling lazy and so we ordered some take out. This is the fortune he got:


Another one of those "Here we go" fortunes. What the hell? Whole wheat green tea?! Does he need more fiber in his diet? Less fat? *scratches head*

But that one doesn't beat mine:




Alrighty then.


Add the "in bed" and it looks like I got the "you need more masturbation" fortune! What. The. HELL?!

I've never had food mention masturbation before. I mean I may have had a near chocolate orgasm cuz Ghiradelli chocolate is frigging fantastic! But never anything like this.

I didn't realize Mandarin chicken was so amazing.

In cross stitch land, I finished a quick one the other day before my classes started again. Here it is:


I mean really... who doesn't like the club? :P

I've not gotten any knitting done this week. My first week back to classes and I already had a paper due by this morning (which I finished yesterday) and a lab due by Tuesday. Four classes... and I love them all!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Look here missy...!

My cousin has been taunting me through email, my blog and text messaging.

Looking for Shaded Tunic pics and FINISHED I DO!!?!?!?!?!?!?

Love you too... *thppt!!*

Well dammit... I've been busy! It takes an amazing amount of energy to lay around and not do a damn thing you know! *snicker* But since you -have- to see it... yes, yes I have worked on the I Do a bit since I left your house. I opened up my pattern book. Stared at the pattern for about 10 minutes. Then cast on the Shaded Tunic.


I -worked- on maybe starting to finish it.


But for everyone else, here's the progress so far:


It's so close to done I can almost feel it. Almost. That pattern is just so insane... Seriously. Next time I read something along the lines of 'I designed this pattern while planning my wedding...' I don't care how nice it looks. I'm passing! That should be a law. You are NOT allowed to design a lace knitting pattern AND plan a wedding at the same time. One of those two projects is difficult enough... But back to I DO... I have to finish it as some point just to be able to get a t-shirt that says "I finished I DO and no one got hurt. Mostly."

So like I said, I cast on the Shaded Tunic from Creative Knitting. Here's my progress so far:


The pattern calls for size 11 needles. I got gauge with a set of size 13's! It's cranking right along though so I've pretty happy with it. I'm knitting it out of all this Noro that people have sent me over the years. It's going to be all sorts of funky colored because I have a bunch of different balls of all sorts of colorways. I think it will be groovy.

Well... I should go so that I can keep working on I DO.... *thppt!* at you Ragan! *laugh*

I have a bunch of cross stitch patterns to plot out as well so I should get working on them too. I will post their progress soon too.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy Yule, Happy New Year and Happy Socks!

I should have posted this some time ago but you know how it is near this time of year... you get really lazy and ass-dragging. :D

Eric and I had a great Yule. We got all sorts of goodies:


The kitties got some new mousies which they promptly started to attack:


We both got some AirHogs choppers:



The cats have a love/hate relationship with them now. The cats stalk the choppers as we fly them around but if the choppers get too close, the cats scamper off. It's insanely cute!

We both had a pretty good haul this year. ;) Eric got a new toaster oven (he's been wanting one for quite some time) a muffin cook book, some serving ware, and some DVD's. Here he is sucking on some premo chocolate I got him while perusing the new cook book.




I did very well as well. I got yarn! And some Knit Picks sock needles. *swoon* Some DVD's I've been wanting forever and a few knitting magazines. :D




I got us both some of those balsa planes for stocking stuffers. Eric promptly crashed his into the tree. It's been there ever since. :P


For the New Year, we stayed home, had some nice dinner, a drink or two and watched our DVD's. It was great.

Oh I nearly forgot, between Yule and the New Year, we went to visit our cousin. While there, I finished my entrelac socks.


In response to comments:

Molly said: Dear Lisa P, with this post you have dragged me over the line from interested onlookerdom to definite fandom. Your lead in to the gingerbread nativity cracked me up. And I always enjoy your cross stitch. Congrats on your grades.

Aw shucks. Thanks! I think I'm blushing. Oh wait no, that's the wine. *hic*

Ragan said: I think that the small frames would make it nice...maybe a selling point...cross-stitch in frame?also...somehow have to sneak your name in there so that buyer will have it permanently and can show friends.

Hmmm... I'll have to think about that. I'd have to make a logo of sorts for myself huh? *ponders*

Abbey said: oooh! what is your Etsy store name?

Theurbanpagan. What else would it be? *thppt!* *snicker* But I don't have anything in there yet. Soon though... soon...

Glittrgirl said: BOOBIES!