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Monday, August 27, 2007

Sockapalooza 4 socks... DONE!

Hurray! I finished them while I was visiting my cousin Ragan this past weekend. We've pretty much both decided we are the other's knitting mojo. :)

So, not to hold you in suspense any longer...






(Ain't I a stinker?)



Here they are!

Boy I hope my sockpal likes them. *wrings hands* I have to get some goodies to go into her box and then I'll be sending them off tomorrow. :)

Once again, it was a great sock exchange all around. I had a wonderful woman to knit for and the woman who knit for me was just fantastic!

Classes have been going well as well. I've already decided what my research paper for my Intro to Computers class is going to be on. Computer Forensics. I know almost nothing about it and it has something do with computers. That was his stipulation. It had to be something about computers. I decided to just go with something I didn't know so that I could learn something. :)

But back to knitting. While I was at Ragan's house, I started another pair of socks. I decided to go with some funky, chunky stripes. I finished one in one day. Check it out:

I might do some other designs over the stitches. I haven't really decided yet.

To all those that sent birthday wishes... thank you so much! It really made my day. Trouble was pleased too:

She's thinking... "It's your birthday? Well then, you can rub my belly. Right there."

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

*booty shakes* Go Urbanpagan! It's your birthday!

Yup. I'm 33 today. And I feel fantastic! My first classes as a college student (again) start this evening, and I got my sockapalooza 4 socks too! Check it out:

She sent me the most amazing box of goodies! And just for the record, the socks fit perfectly. I'm wearing them at work right now. ;) She sent me some yummy looking jam that her kids made:

I can't wait to have some of that! :) She sent me some yummy dark chocolates that Eric promptly broke into. *shakes fist!* But he only had the one. She also sent me the most lovely hand made pen and bottle stopper. Just gorgeous! A nice tape measure that looks like a little crocheted cake. Too cute! Some tea, some bath salts, and some honey cream. Oh... good stuff!

And check out the detail on these socks. And the colors... I just love them!

Thanks sock pal. You are AWESOME!

As for my socks... well, I'm nearly done. :P (I'm such a bad sock pal this time around.) I normally would have had them done by now... but I started late and well... you know how these things go. You ever knit for anyone at the last minute? Yeah. Thought so. :P

But I'm much happier with this fix than before. The bird is supposed to be the bearer of good news. :) Hopefully that means she'll have her socks soon. *laughs!*

Well back to work I go. I think I'm going to go treat myself today. Yeah. I need a cupcake.

Friday, August 10, 2007

More sock progress... now only if I had my camera...

Well I finished the one sock. And here it is:

But then I tried it on. Nope. Too tight. So I ripped out the mountains on the top there and reknit the whole thing with a bird instead since birds are supposed to be bearers of good news. Now it's great! I wish you could see it but... my silly ass left my knitting at home today. Oh yeah, I have the camera. Just no knitting! Do you realize that's twice this week I've left the house with no needle craft?! It must be this heat!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

So, Eric and I have been roped into reading the Harry Potter books. Yeah. Can you believe it? The urbanpagan hadn't read books about wizards and witches?! :P And I can tell you... they are really good books! Eric just finished the fourth one and I'm in the middle of the third one as we speak.

My first day of classes start on my birthday... August 21st. I'm panicked! I'll be 33. I'll be a college student. I'll actually be on my way to my dream. It's pretty freaky to realize that you know. Seriously. I've been reading my old Biology books to catch up/refresh myself and well every now and then I look up and think "wow... I'm really gonna do it!"

In response to comments:

Marlene said: Never had coffee. Huh. Wow. I got started loving coffee with coffee ice cream. Don't go with an espresso right off. They're kinda...strong. Definitely go with a latte until you get the hang of it.Also, if you e-mail me, I'll send you some good coffee. Really good coffee. Sell your soul to the devil coffee. Seriously.

I can't do coffee ice cream. *shakes head* Just can't. But I will most certainly take you up on the offer of free coffee! :)

Helen said: try lattes. espresso with steamed milk, so the coffee is almost (but not quite) an afterthough.

Thanks for that tip! I'll give it a shot.

Stephanie said: If it's tastes burned, it usually is - either in roasting or brewing. If the local or 'bucks style cofree houses come off a bit strong, try Dunkin Donuts instead of a fancy brand. You might be pleasantly surprised. I read a WSJ article re: starbucks v. dunkin'. It was pretty unanimous that people liked one and not the other.

Ah, I wish I could hit a Dunkin Donuts but we're in Krispy Kreme territory and well... they are rather particular about who they let in. I think the nearest DD is in Raleigh! But I will try it next time I am near one. Thanks for the tip! :)

Abbey said: Oh, I meant to say - if you want to try a REALLY good coffee drink, I'll take you to Cafe Driade sometime.

Hells yeah woman! Call me sometime. We'll go. :)

Ragan said: Holy crap batman!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. I am in shock!

Me too.

Ragan also said: Now I can offer you coffee when you come over?????Down side of coffee....peeing lots. Hahahahahahahahahaahaha.:-P

Yeah I did notice that. I ended up having two that day! Can you believe it?! And yes, I was peeing all night after that. :P