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Thursday, August 06, 2009

And it begins again...

Classes start on the 24th this month. I can't believe I'll be a Junior. A year and a half to two years and I'll have my degree. It's almost surreal. I've found myself immersed nearly completely in study, research and reading anything and everything with relation to crime scenes, homicide, the criminal mind, serial killers and the like. Not your average books but hey, truly fascinating stuff! You should see the looks I get when sitting in the break room at work and reading "Why They Kill" by Richard Rhodes. People think I'm reading a vampire novel like everyone else around me. Nothing against vampire novels... I'm just not into that right now.

My social life has struggled a bit. I've just been way too busy... I need to take more time for other things besides school. Well it's not like I haven't done that this summer. I did take the summer off from classes and that was a good thing. I was getting way too sick since I was so busy with classes, work and my internships. It was all too much for the system I guess. LOL! But taking the summer off also made me realize that I -really- need to be in the field! I miss it already and I wasn't even a real investigator yet. Oh well... soon enough.

I've been thinking about where I am going to do my internship in the Spring semester. I should head more toward the Raleigh area since that is my goal to be down that way. Problem is, it's got to be a weekend internship or I won't be able to do that hour drive after work and then and hour drive back!

I've gotten -some- knitting done. One of the gals in one of the labs I was with is pregnant and expecting a little one. So a bear is being knit! Here's proof! :D



I'll probably make a little pink sweater for it too. I think that would be really cute.

Well off I go... studying to start and classes begin in two weeks. I want to have a head start. ;)